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Iso Max Acoustic Fans

These Iso Max (Air Force II) Acoustic Fans are the ultimate choice for growers who want a more silent intake or extraction.

Shaped like a silencer and filled with a sound-damping foam, these fans are considerably quieter than their RVK counterparts. Iso Max fans comes highly recommended, they move huge amounts of air quietly and efficiently- a great choice!

They are available in the following sizes:

  • 150mm (6"); 410m3/hour
  • 200mm (8"); 870m3/hour
  • 250mm (10"); 1480m3/hour
  • 315mm (12.5"); 2380m3/hour


150mm ISOMAX 3-Speed Fan Specifications:

Airflow - 310/360/410 mtr3 per hr

Current – 0.2 amps

Power consumption: 52 watts

Full diameter: 230mm 

Length: 680mm (26.7 inches)

Weight: 5.86kg 

200mm ISOMAX 3-Speed Fan Specifications:

Airflow - 570/770/870mtr3 per hr

Current - 0.36/0.4/0.6 amps

Power consumption - up to 128 watts

Full diameter: 260mm

Length = 680mm

Weight - 7.7kg

Noise level - 55db

250mm ISOMAX Single Speed Fan Specifications:

Low Power Airflow - 1480mtr3 per hr

High Power Airflow - 2310mtr3 per hr

L Current - 0.9amps

H Current - 1.7 amps

L Power consumption - 160 watts

H Power consumption - 290 watts

L Full diameter: 310mm

H Full diameter: 350mm

Both Length = 680mm

L Weight - 10.14kg

H Weight - 13.34kg

315mm ISOMAX 3-Speed Fan Specifications:

Airflow: 2380 m3/hr

Noise level: 54db

Current: 1.7 amps

Power consumption: 280 watts

Weight: 13.33kg

Full diameter: 350mm

Length: 680mm

Airflow: 3260 m3/hr

Noise level: 61db

Current: 530 watts

Power consumption: 3.2 amps

Weight: 18.52kg

Full diameter: 350mm

Length: 680mm

*ISOMAX 3-Speed fans may be used in conjunction with the SMSCOM range of Hybridfan controller or Rhino controllers (not RC-1 controller) with the fan set to its highest speed.

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Iso Max Acoustic Fan 150mm (6") 410m3/hour
Iso Max Acoustic Fan 200mm (8") 870m3/hour
Iso Max Acoustic Fan 250mm (10") 1480m3/hour
Iso Max Acoustic Fan 315mm (12.5") 2380m3/hour