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Budget Parbright Lighting System 600w

The Parabright Lighting System is a complete, low cost system which is perfect for growers on a budget.
£64.95 From £49.95

Gold Label 60/40 Clay/Coco Mix

Gold Label 60/40 combines the moisture retention properties of coco with the drainage benefits of clay pebbles.
£14.95 From £12.50

LightRail 4.0 -Linear Light Mover

LightRail 4.0 AdjustaDrive is great for customers who want that additional control. This lightrail can be set with both a 0 to 60 second adjustable time delay for promoting even indoor plant growth within your grow tent/room, plus the added feature of two to four feet per minute (.6m – 1.2m) adjustable speed control that covers a wide range of grow lamp intensities and travel distances.
£249.95 From £199.95

Diamond Reflector 600w

The unique diamond shape of this reflector allows it to focus more light onto the canopy of your plants.
£54.95 From £27.45

Budbox Pro Large Grow Tent (White) 100x100x180cm

The large Budbox tent is suitable for use with most small systems and HPS lights up to 400w.
£144.95 From £124.95

Budbox Pro Small Grow Tent (White) 75x75x100cm

Budbox Pro Small is the perfect smaller text ideal for small plants at only 1m in height. Easy to assemble and discreet.
£89.95 From £74.95

Budbox Pro Titan Grow Tent (White) 200x200x200cm

Designed for use with 4 lights, the Titan Budbox will house most large hydroponic systems.
£329.95 From £264.95

Budbox Pro XL Grow Tent (White) 120x120x200cm

The XL Budbox Pro tent is suitable for use with most medium sized systems and HPS lights up to 600w.
£164.95 From £134.95

Budbox Pro XLR Grow Tent (White) 120x120x180cm

The XLR Budbox Pro tent (120x120x180cm) is suitable for use with most medium sized systems and HPS lights up to 600w.
£229.95 From £179.95

Budbox Pro XXL Grow Tent (White) 120x240x200cm

The XXL Budbox tent is suitable for larger systems and 2-3 lights.
£269.95 From £219.95

Budbox Pro Intermediate Grow Tent (White) 75x75x160cm

This Budbox tent is suitable for keeping mother plants or for using as a propagation/clone tent.
£99.95 From £84.95

Canna Boost Accelerator

Canna Boost Accelerator is an essential product containing vital amino acids.
From £19.95


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