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Guard'n'Aid for Thrip 250ml

Guard 'n' Aid for Thrip is an effective Thrip treatment.
£34.95 From £24.95

HS60 CFL 250w Dual Spectrum Grow Kit

The Secret Jardin HS60 60cm x 60cm x 160cm kit comes with all you need to start growing Vegetables and Plants indoors. The HS60 Kit comes complete with Ram Extraction and a 250watt Dual Spectrum Compact Flourescent Light (CFL) kit, Ideal for those wanting to plug in and grow using one light all the way through. Each basic Kit also comes with a mechanical Lumii Timer to act as your switch to control the time lights go on and off.
From £179.95

Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot HS60 60X60X160cm

The Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot HS60 (60x60x140cm) benefits from Secret Jardin's quality and reliable design for a fraction of the price. The Hydro Shoot range are lined with a silver Mylar fabric to increase light intensity and distribution, ensuring you get the best possible results for your plants.
£59.95 From £49.95

Lumii Black Digital Dimmable Lighting Kit

The Lumii Black range is a lighting system which comprises of the essential items to set-up a lighting suitable for growing.
£89.95 From £74.95

RAM Mixed Flow Budget Extraction kit

RAM Mixed Flow Fans come in at extremely low price-points while offering high airflow rates and multiple speed settings. Unlike other budget fans out there, RAM Fans are built to a decent standard and won't break down after a month, putting your grow room at risk... Choose one of these kits and you'll get a quality system without breaking the bank.
From £67.95

Vitalink Chill

Vitalink Chill is an absolute necessity when growing in summer months. When temperatures rise to an uncomfortable heat plants suffer. When heat creeps up Plants react quickly and usually badly, suffering from heat stress and stunted growth. Vitalink Chill acts fast and effectively giving plants what they need to not only cope with the heat but also thrive.
From £19.95

Jumbo Drying Net 8 Tier

Take all the hassle out of drying produce with these drying racks.
£18.95 From £14.95

Lumii Growroom Glasses

Lumii Growroom Glasses are designed for use within the grow room to protect your eyes and provide with excellent vision to examine and assess your plants
From £11.95


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