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BioBizz Nutrients (Bio Grow & Bio Bloom)

BioBizz Grow & Bloom are single-part organic nutrients developed for use with soil.
From £9.95

Monster Bloom

Monster Bloom is a powerful Bloom enhancer which improves plant metabolism.
From £9.95

Snoop's Premium Nutrients Heavy Harvest

Snoops Heavy Harvest is bloom stimulating booster. Plants work hardest during the bloom phase. They need much higher levels of phosphates (P) and potassium (K) in order to produce flowers.
From £21.95

Vitalink Finale

Vitalink Finale is a flowering booster for use in the last week of flowering before the final flush.
From £4.95

Vitalink Hydrate

Vitalink Hydrate helps support plants when they are struggling during periods of water stress. During Summer, or even increased temperatures plants can dry out sooner than usual and the effects can be devastating. Vitalink Hydrate is a highly concentrated solution to this problem.
From £19.95

Vitalink Plant Start

Vitalink Plant start is especially formulated to cater to the needs of your young seeds and cuttings.
From £3.95

Mills Start-R 3-0-0

Start-R by mills is for use during the propagation and early bloom phase of the plant cycle. This Bio-Stimulant allows for excellent rooting and a strong vigorous root zone.
From £27.95

Bud Rot Stop

Bud Rot Stop is a smart leaf conditioner which main purpose is to enable your plant to defend itself against fungal attack and, if necessary, get rid of bud rot (Botrytis).
£18.95 From £15.16

Ecothrive Charge

Ecothrive Charge is a 100% natural premium grade beetle grass. These beetle droppings are packed with micro-organisms which stimulate growth and improve root conditions.
From £5.35

Mills C4 1-8-5

Mills C4 is packed full of Micro&Macro nutrients promoting quality and yield.
From £39.95

Adjust-a-Wing Enforcer System

This lighting system is comprised of the cheaper Adjust-a-wing Enforcer reflector.
From £112.45


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