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Remo Supercharged Nutrient Kit

The REMO Supercharge Grow Kit contains the following items…. Micro 500ml x2 Bloom 500ml x2 Grow 500ml x1 Astroflower 500ml x1 MagnifiCal 500ml x1 Nature’s Candy 500ml x1 VeloKelp 500ml x1 Measuring cup x1 FREE REMO Grow room glasses Feed Chart Sticker
£49.95 From £39.95

Vitalink Chill

Vitalink Chill is an absolute necessity when growing in summer months. When temperatures rise to an uncomfortable heat plants suffer. When heat creeps up Plants react quickly and usually badly, suffering from heat stress and stunted growth. Vitalink Chill acts fast and effectively giving plants what they need to not only cope with the heat but also thrive.
From £23.95

Vitalink Heat

Vitalink Heat is a Bio-Stimulant used to help plants cope with the stress and deterioration of plants health that can be caused during the winter months and/or low temperatures.
From £19.95

Vitalink Turbo

Vitalink Turbo is designed to bulk up the size and weight of your plants and flowers. Vitalink Turbo is packed full of essential plant hormones and nutritional elements. In particular Turbo contains Brassinosteroids which are best known as plant hormones, these hormones function in many plant developmental processes this includes the growth of buds giving the plant more energy to produce bigger and heavier buds.
From £16.95

Dutch Pro Explode

Dutch Pro Explode is a bloom stimulant. Explode is the elite when it comes to accelerating flowering and stimulating growth of powerful large yields.
From £29.95


Hygrozyme is an organic enzyme based product which helps to break down dead root matter and also acts as a root zone cleaner.
From £24.95

Rocks Resinator Heavy Yields

Resinator is a revolutionary flower enhancer that will dramatically increase essential oil production and flower mass. Resinator provides the highest quality soluble phosphorus and potassium for translocation to flowering sites.
From £59.95

Bloom Euro 2L (1L A + 1L B)

Bloom Euro is a 2 part A&B nutrient used from the beginning through to the end, suitable for hydroponics use.
£14.95 From £10.95

Bloom Florigen 300ml

Bloom Florigen is a flower enhancing spray used to improve health and performance.
£29.95 From £23.95

Bloom Ooze

Bloom Ooze increases flower size and natural aroma. Ooze contains organic plant stimulants
From £25.45

Bloom Phat

Bloom Phat is a flowering booster with accelerates plant growth and flower size.
From £25.45

Bloom Pre

Bloom Pre is for use during the growth cycle as a booster for flowering site growth, encouraging bushier plants not tall slim plants.
From £16.75


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