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Lighting Accessories

Active Eye Analog Light Meter

Analog Light Meter measures the amount of light your plants are getting to ensure maximum growth.
From £22.95

Active Eye Digital Light Meter

Active Eye Digital Light reader gives an accurate light reading in a digital format
From £44.95

T5 Power Lead

This is a T5 Power lead 2m long
From £4.95

4 Metre Power Lead (fitted 13 amp plug)

This power lead can is suitable for connecting to RVK fans or to extend the length of ballast leads.
From £4.95

Adjust-a-Wing Super Spreader

The Super Spreader is a heat shield and light spreader designed for use with Adjust-a-wing reflectors.
From £9.95

Cool Shade Lighting Extraction Kit

Cool Shade Lighting Extraction Kit
From £85.95

E40 Ceramic Lamp Holder

This ceramic lamp holder has an E40 fitting, which is commonly used for horticultural lamps.
From £8.95

Easy Rollers Light Hangers (pack of 2)

Sold as a pair, Easy Rollers make adjusting the height of your light reflector very simple.
£9.95 From £7.95

IEC Connectors

IEC connectors are used on most ballasts and reflectors.
From £4.95

Jack Chain 10 Metre Box

Jack chain is perfect for hanging all fixtures (such as carbon filters, reflectors, fans etc) and provides a cost effective alternative to rope ratchets or easy rollers.
From £11.95

Rope Ratchets

Rope Ratchets can be used to help position the largest carbon filters, light reflectors, ventilation equipment and light fixtures.
From £11.95

Silverstar Lighting Extraction Kit

This kit contains the essential accessories to complete your Silverstar lighting system.
From £95.95


Once you have a lighting system, there are usually a few bits and bobs you need in order to set things up.

On this page you will find everything you need to complete your grow room - from Easy Rollers and chain (for hanging lights) to heat spreaders and air-cooled extraction kits.

In addition to this, there are also components such as IEC connectors which can be used to alter or create your own lighting system.

If you have any queries regarding the products on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us over the phone, via email or at our central South West London store.