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Lumii Lighting

LUMii is a range of quality lighting products for growing plants both indoors and outdoors. The range has been designed by growers, for growers and is packed with unique features to make your life easier and at the same time allow your crops to flourish.

Our range consists of magnetic and electronic ballasts, high intensity discharge lamps; metal halide lamps, lamp reflectors, grow lighting accessories and now even LED lighting.

Lumii 600W Dual Spectrum lamp

The Lumii 600w High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Bulb with an E40 fitting. HPS lamps are ideal for stimulating and enhancing flowering.
From £19.95

Lumii Black 600W Magnetic Lighting Kit

600w Lumii Black Magnetic Ballast Lighting Kit consisting of LUMii BLACK Magnetic Ballast, LUMii BLACK 600w HPS and LUMii BLACK Reflector - at an affordable price.
From £49.95

Lumii Black Digital Dimmable Ballast (250-600watt)

Lumii Black Electronic ballast is a digital dimmable ballast with four power mode settings allowing the power output to range from 250watts to over 600watts.
£79.95 From £69.95

Lumii Black Digital Dimmable Lighting Kit

The Lumii Black range is a lighting system which comprises of the essential items to set-up a lighting suitable for growing.
£89.95 From £74.95

Lumii Black Magnetic Ballast

The LUMii BLACK Metal Magnetic Ballast is supplied with a flying IEC lead which enables you to add any reflector fitted with a universal IEC socket. It’s simple to start growing, just add a reflector and a lamp with the same wattage as the ballast. The well vented metal-case ensures the ballast runs cool and quiet and features wall-hanging brackets making them fully wall-mountable, thus making more space in your grow room. The LUMii BLACK Metal-Cased Magnetic ballast can be used with any 600w HID lamp – however we recommend using a LUMii SunBlaster 600w or LUMii BLACK 600w HPS lamp to get the best results.
From £39.95

Lumii Green Head Torch

With a Green Hornet Head Lamp you can safely enter your grow room while the lights are off, without disturbing your plants!
From £14.95

Lumii Growroom Glasses

Lumii Growroom Glasses are designed for use within the grow room to protect your eyes and provide with excellent vision to examine and assess your plants
From £11.95

Lumii 4 Way Contactor and Timer

The LUMii Contactors with Grasslin Timer are a reliable, practical and great looking. Lumii contactors are for use with up to 4, 6 or 8 High Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Metal Halide (MH) 1000 watt lights up to a maximum of 4KW.
From £69.95

Lumii Aerotube Reflector 125mm (5")

The LUMii AeroTube is the latest inline air-cooled reflector. This innovative product, when used in conjunction with ducting and fans, allows air to flow through the reflector, thus helping to control the environment temperature. The LUMii AeroTube comes in 3 sizes (125mm, 150mm and 200mm) and features a removable lamp holder along with a 2-part external reflector and a 4m cable. Multiple shades can be mounted in series, with the use of 125mm, 150mm or 200mm Flexible Aluminium Ducting. We recommend up to 3 inline. 3 sizes (125mm, 150mm and 200mm) Temperature control Toughened glass Removable lamp holder for easy lamp access and cleaning External 2-part reflector for superior light output and spread Mount multiple shades in series (recommended maximum of 2 per fan) 4m IEC lead included Recommended Wattage 125mm – Up to 400w 150mm – Up to 600w 200mm -Up to 1000w
From £42.95

Lumii 5" Aerotube 600w Dimmable Lighting System

This lighting system is ideal for small spaces utilising multiple lights
From £124.95

Lumii 5" Aerotube 600w Magnetic Lighting System

This lighting system is ideal for small spaces utilising multiple lights.
From £94.95