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Newa Maxi-Jet Water Pumps

Maxi-Jet Pumps are suitable for use with most hydroponic systems such as NFTs or Wilma Systems, or when making your own/ Maxi-Jet water pumps offer a range of reliable pumps suitable for most applications. Fitted with 13mm outlets, Maxi-Jet pumps provide a constant and steady flow of water. 

The Maxi-Jet Water Pumps work by being fully submersible water pumps that move several hundred litres of water per hour through a 12.5mm diameter outlet point. The plastic pre-filter on these units prevent impurities from passing through the pump and on into pipe networks, lowering the chances of blockages and improving levels of efficiency and reliability. Hydroponic systems rely on these pumps to move nutrient solutions to-and-from root-zones, reliable pumps are essential to avoid blockages and equipment failures which can lead to catastrophic results. If root-systems dry out, there’s only a small timeframe to correct issues before plants start to suffer irreversible damage. Using a high-quality pump with the pedigree from the Maxi-Jet range helps to ensure that the chances of this are greatly reduced. The Maxi-Jet Water Pumps is powerful enough to propel water upwards through a riser pipe of a maximum of 164cm tall (depending on the pump itself). It’s also fitted with an outlet point that can be twisted to sit in any direction, rotating a full 360 degrees.


Each Maxi-Jet Pump Contains:

1 x Newa Maxi-Jet water pump of your choice (choose your pump above)
1 x Plastic pre-filter
1 x Suction cup mounting frame
3 x Suction cups

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Maxi-Jet Pumps MC320 Oxy Pump 320litres/hr
Maxi-Jet Pumps MC450 Oxy Pump 450litres/hr
Maxi-Jet Pumps MJ500 Oxy Pump 500litres/hr
Maxi-Jet Pumps MJ1000 Oxy Pump 1000litres/hr
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