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Maxi bright

Maxibright products have been around since 1996. Maxibright aims to provide the horticultural industry with great service alongside great products. With decades of experience and a fantastic reputation Maxibright products are considered to be of the best quality and value for money.

We supply ballasts and reflectors from the Maxibright range, these products benefit from the extensive research and experience invested by Maxibright to guarantee reliable, durable and safe products.

Maxibright 5" Air Cooled Reflector

The Maxibright Air Cooled Reflector from Maxigrow is a highly reflective aluminium reflector which is perfect for keeping control of temperatures in your grow room.
From £64.95

1000w Maxibright DigiLight Pro Select Ballast

With 6 power modes, the 1000w DigiLight Pro Select Ballast gives you ultimate control over the output of your HPS and Metal Halide lamps.
From £199.95

600w Maxibright DigiLight Pro Select Ballast

This quality, digital ballast is great value for money and extremely reliable.
From £109.95

Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) Red and Blue Spectrum

CFLs (or 'Eco Lights') maximise production without drastically increasing temperatures or energy consumption.
From £19.95

Maxibright 315W Ballast

Maxibright Lighting kit comprises of a 315 w ballast and suitable Philips bulb, reflector and bulb holder
From £124.95

Maxibright Fluorescent Propagation Tube Light Units

Great when used as propagation lights or for keeping mother plants alive, these fluorescent tube lights are available in both two-tube and four-tube models.
From £79.95

Maxibright T5 Propagation Lights (2-tube, 4-tube,8-tube)

T5 propagation lights are both energy efficient and long-lasting.
From £59.95

Maxifan Floor Fan- 30cm

Maxifan’s are a range of high quality, sensibly priced air movement fans. The Maxifan floor fan has three speeds, a rotating directional airflow output and a 30cm output area.
From £26.95

Maxibright Digilight Digital 150W Lighting Kit

150W Maxibright Digilight Digital Lighting Kit
From £84.95

Maxibright 315W CDM Adapter Lighting System

Maxibright Lighting kit comprises of a 315 w ballast and suitable Philips bulb, reflector and bulb holder
From £239.95

Maxibright 315Watt Horizon connect Reflector

The Maxibright Horizon reflector can be used as a standalone unit connecting to your existing CDM ballast or can be purchased as a complete package. Maxibright offer leading hydroponic equipment with excellent build, quality and rigorous testing as standard you can be sure your plants will lap up every last usable lumen regardless of where they are positioned.
From £59.95

Maxibright 315Watt Horizon Connect CDM Lighting System

The Maxibright Horizon connect full fixture grow light kit is the next generation of lighting to help get the most out of your grow room by improving overall plant health, along with increasing yield and improving taste/aromas of fruits at harvest.
From £259.95