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The Professional Odour Neutraliser Eliminator Kit

The Neutralizer works by generating molecules distilled from essential oils extracted from flowers, plants and fruits to completely eliminate unwanted odours. The professional neutralising kit is best for bigger space. The EME (Electronic Molecule Evaporator) manages a constant and controlled evaporation 24 hours a day, in a clean and effective way, lasting for up to 5-6 weeks covering up to 375 m3.

Product Specification

-Compact plug in size
-Up to 6 weeks life – constant 24hr use
-Essential oil based
-Neutralizes within an hour of activation
-Not harmful – Natural ingredient blend
-No absorption into the surrounding environment
-Premium quality ingredients
-Neutralises up to 375m3
-Replaceable refills

The Neutralizer kit contains:

The Neutralizer Essential Oil cartridge 100ml (x1)
Electronic Molecule Evaporator EME120 (x1)
Wick (x1)

Refils sold seperately

How long does the cartridge last?
Both the cartridge of the Pro Kit and the Compact Kit will last for up to 6 weeks, if powered continuously for 24 hrs / day. 
Will the cartridge last longer if I turn the unit on and off as needed?
The Neutralizer Pro Kit & Compact Kit have been designed to be on permanently until the essential oil runs out when connected in a growing environment. However if used in a House, Car, Hotel it can be turned on and off.  Please follow these guidelines for satisfactory results.
Understanding Odour density
The Neutralizer works in a specified amount of space, and the number of units required will be determined by the density of smell or number of plants in the room. 
Like with an AC unit, and as an example, an office of 4 people may require 3000BTU output to cool it. However, an output of 3000BTU would not be sufficient if there were 25 people in that room. 
The Neutralizer functions in the same way. So if you happen to notice unwanted smells in the correct sized space, it may be the odour density is too strong for 1 unit; add an extra Neutralizer to your space.
My device is not neutralizing any smells. What could be the problem?
Please check all of the following if your device is not working as stated:
  • Make sure you have purchased the correct model according to space neutralizing requirements.
  • Check the wick for any damage. If your wick is damaged, the evaporation process will be completely different, and will not be dispersing enough odour combating molecules into the air.
  • The Pro Kit do not have an on/off switch; simply connect it to the mains to activate the heat transmission mechanism. The best way to check that the Unit is working is by touching the area around the evaporation hole to see if it is warm (allow 30 minutes after connecting). If it’s warm, it’s on.
Check to see where you have placed your Neutralizer. With the Pro Kit we recommend that it is placed as follows:
  • Opposite the air output location.
  • At a low to waist height location at most.
  • Make sure it is not near your air input location as the temperature of incoming air may affect the thermostat of the unit. If it is too cold, it will not evaporate correctly.
  • If the smells you are combating are very dense, you may need to connect another kit for additional neutralization power.
Collection Delivery
  • Collect in store
  • 7 days to collect
  • Open 10am - 6pm
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How long will it take for my order to be delivered using standard delivery?
Standard delivery is within 5 working days.

How much does standard delivery cost?
Standard delivery costs £7.00(regional and heavy item surcharges apply and will be calculated at checkout).

The Pro Neutraliser Eliminator Kit Complete
Neutralizer Essential Oil Refil cartridge (100ml)