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Canawipes are bio-degradable cleaning wipes which are safe to use on skin and excellent for removing tough dirt. These Canawipes are without doubt the most effective and fast way to clean almost any type of dirt. wipes will remove odour, resin, sticky residue, oils, dirt, grease even permanent marker!
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Healthy Root

Healthy Root from Guard ‘n’ Aid does exactly what it says on the bottle. If you want healthy root maintenance and production, then this is the product for you. Healthy Roots restores the microbial balance by adding beneficial bacteria. Beneficial bacteria will aid plant performance, improve nutrient availability and uptake.
From £14.95

Healthy Leaf and Bud

Healthy Leaf and Bud is used to prevent bud rot and plant wilting.
From £14.95

Mountain Air Carbon Filter

Mountain Air Filters are quality Carbon Filters. Incorporating a Carbon Filter in your growing space is essential to successfully remove unwanted smells and bad odour. Air Filters are relied upon to completely control odour and Mountain Air Filters use the best quality Carbon and complex interior designs to ensure guaranteed performance.
From £74.95

Vitalink Turbo

Vitalink Turbo is designed to bulk up the size and weight of your plants and flowers. Vitalink Turbo is packed full of essential plant hormones and nutritional elements. In particular Turbo contains Brassinosteroids which are best known as plant hormones, these hormones function in many plant developmental processes this includes the growth of buds giving the plant more energy to produce bigger and heavier buds.
From £19.95

Vitalink Heat

Vitalink Heat is a Bio-Stimulant used to help plants cope with the stress and deterioration of plants health that can be caused during the winter months and/or low temperatures.
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Vitalink Hydrate

Vitalink Hydrate helps support plants when they are struggling during periods of water stress. During Summer, or even increased temperatures plants can dry out sooner than usual and the effects can be devastating. Vitalink Hydrate is a highly concentrated solution to this problem.
From £23.95

Vitalink PK13/14

Vitalink PK13/14 is a flowering booster containing essential macro nutrients- predominantly Phosphorus and Potassium which enhance fruit development.
From £4.95

Ecothrive Charge

Ecothrive Charge is a 100% natural premium grade beetle grass. These beetle droppings are packed with micro-organisms which stimulate growth and improve root conditions.
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CMX by Flairform is a Cal-Mag additive used to aid and prevent play deficiencies
From £8.95

Monster Bloom

Monster Bloom is a powerful Bloom enhancer which improves plant metabolism.
From £9.95

Ecothrive Coco 50L

Ecothrive Coco is a blend of quality coco coir and Charge pre-blended ready to use.
From £15.95