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Atami Bio Bloombastic

Atami Bio Bloombastic is a new organic flowering booster. Bio Bloombastic is packed with Bio Minerals and organic additives which will strengthen plant immune systems and protect from stress
From £15.95


Canawipes are bio-degradable cleaning wipes which are safe to use on skin and excellent for removing tough dirt. These Canawipes are without doubt the most effective and fast way to clean almost any type of dirt. wipes will remove odour, resin, sticky residue, oils, dirt, grease even permanent marker!
From £14.95

Guard 'n' Aid DiatoShield 6kg

Guard 'n' Aid DiatoShield is granulated calcined diatomaceous earth (1-3mm). Can be used on lawns as a soil improver and pest prevention.
From £6.95

Hammerhead (Advanced Nutrients)

Hammerhead by Advanced Nutrients is a plant enhancer for the flowering phase. Hammerhead has a PK ratio of 4-2-10.
From £22.95

Lumii Black Digital Dimmable System

The Lumii Black range is a lighting system which comprises of the essential items to set-up a lighting suitable for growing.
From £89.95

Lumii LED Green Work Light

Lumii LED Green Work Lights are ideal for use in the grow rooms when the lights are off. This green light will help you see in the darkness without interrupting the plants light pattern.
From £44.95

Ona Pocket Spray

Ona Pocket Sprays are small compact mini sprays, handy and ready to use. Ona sprays are popular for the smell and odour neutralising use.
From £1.50

Plant!t Vermiculite 10L

Plant-it Vermiculite is natural sterile soft Mica Minerals which are an excellent addition for any potting mix. There are many benefits of Vermiculite including its natural ability to retain water and nutrients
From £5.95

Rhino Thermostatically controlled RVK Fan

Rhino Thermostatically controlled RVK Fan has a built in automatic controller, just set the temperature on the fan and it will maintain the temperature.
From £119.95

Secret Jardin Daisy DY60

The secret Jardin Daisy is a parabolic reflector cleverly designed with a 60cm wing span. This umbrella type reflector is the first of its kind and 40% more light efficient compared to standard reflectors.
From £39.95

Secret Jardin Monkey Fan 16W

Secret Jardin Monkey fans are air movement fans, small, compact, low running cost- 16w.
From £14.95

Vitalink Professional enriched Soil 50L

Vitalink Professional Enriched Soil is made up of 40% Wood Fibre, 40% Peat and 20% bark fines. This 'super soil' is enriched with added beneficial bacteria and microbes and nutrients.
From £11.95