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Nutrient & pH Control

Dutch Pro Ph- Bloom

Dutch Pro Ph- Bloom is acid used to reduce the Ph Value of your nutrient or water solution during the bloom stage.
From £5.95

Dutch Pro Ph- Grow 1l

Dutch Pro Ph- Grow is acid used to reduce the Ph Value of your nutrient or water solution during the growth stage.
From £5.95

Dutch Pro Ph+

Dutch Pro Ph+ is used to raise the Ph value of your solution. This products uses Potassium Hydroxide with is only needed in very small amounts to raise the Ph.
From £5.95

PH Probe Cleaner (Growth Technology)

Ph probe cleaner is used to clean and maintain you PH meter
From £5.95

Vitalink CF Calibration Fluid 250ml

To ensure your PH meters are providing you with accurate readings we advise you use calibration fluid to test your readings and adjust it according if necessary
From £3.95

Bluelab Nutrient (cF/EC) Truncheon

Bluelab cF/EC Truncheons are used to measure the levels of nutrients in your nutrient tank.
From £79.95

Canna pH Minus Bloom Pro (59%) 1L

The experts at Canna have created this specialised pH Down for use during the flowering stages of a plant's life.
From £12.95

Growth Technology pH Buffers

These pH Buffers allow you to calibrate pH meters accurately.
From £4.95

Growth Technology pH Down

This pH Down contains 81% phosphoric acid (H3PO4) and has been developed by Growth Technology - a name you can trust!
From £4.95

Growth Technology pH Up

This pH Up contains 25% potassium hydroxide (KOH) and is used for raising the pH level of nutrient solutions.
From £4.95

HM Digital pH Pen

These durable pH Meters allow you to accurately check the pH level of your nutrient solution.
From £54.95

Measuring Cups & Jugs

Measuring cups and jugs are suitable for measuring larger quantities of nutrients and solutions.
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Obtaining the correct PH balance for your plants is very important, especially as the incorrect PH can negatively affect your plants causing them to not grow as well or develop deficiencies.

Our PH meters are easy to use and are a great accessory for any grow room. Ph meters will give a reading and you can adjust your nutrient solution accordingly. Growth technology provide a PH Up and down formula, to either increase or decrease the PH level depending on the reading. These products are easy to use and give immediate results.

In addition you can find PH measuring kits, measuring jugs, syringes and pipettes in this section.