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Nutrient Kits

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Canna Aqua Nutrient Kit

The Canna Aqua Nutrient Kit contains a complete set of nutrients for recirculating hydroponic systems such as the NFT system.
From £63.95

Canna Bio Nutrient Kit

A complete range of organic nutrients from Canna in one package.
From £55.95

Canna Terra Nutrient Kit

The Canna Terra Nutrient Kit contains a complete set of nutrients for growing in soil.
From £57.95

Shogun Samurai Coco Starter Pack

1x Samurai Coco 1 Litre A and B, 1x 250ml Katana Roots, 1x 250ml Silicon, 1x 250ml CalMag, 1x 250ml PK Warrior 9/18, 1x 250ml Sumo Active Boost, 1x 250ml Dragon Force and a Shogun Coco Grow Chart.
From £64.95


We have handpicked the best combination of nutrients you will need to successfully feed your plants and supply them with a balanced range of nutrients and stimulants. Depending on the kit you choose we offer different varieties and products.

Each kit offers the base feeds that will support your plants through the vegetative and flowering stages. In addition, we supply a bottle of Boost formula which can be used in any growing system. Boost accelerates the metabolism of your plants nutrient uptake. Finally we include a Root stimulant essential for producing strong roots speeding up growth as well improving unhealthy or poorly developed plants.

When you buy our nutrient kits you will also save 10% which beats buying them separately.