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Correx Covers

Correx Cover
From £1.95

Bucket & Lid

These buckets are great for mixing nutrient solutions or for use in custom-made hydroponic systems.
From £3.95


Created for use with the Autopot system, these versatile tanks can be used with any hydroponic system such as the IWS or custom-made systems.
From £39.95

Nutrient Tanks

These nutrient tanks can be used when making your own Multi Duct NFT system or simply for mixing nutrients.
From £54.95

Reservoir Barrel Tanks

Suitable for use with IWS Flood and Drain, Ebb and Flow or for custom made systems, these heavy duty reservoirs can hold 100L or 250L respectively.
From £11.95

IWS Flexitank

Flexitanks are a water storage reservoir designed for use with IWS Systems.
From £47.95


Tanks are a very useful and much needed piece of equipment for any growing experience. They can be used simply to mix your nutrients or used as a part of a system such as NFT, IWS etc.

Our tanks and buckets come in a variety of sizes and shape to best suit you. If there is a size or type you cannot find, please let us know and we will be more than happy to help.