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Connoisseur (Advanced Nutrients)

Connoisseur benefits from Advanced Nutrient’s proprietary pH Perfect Technology automatically stabilising your pH, ensuring your plant’s stay within their “sweet spot”. Safeguards against stresses resulting from pH fluctuations. The pH-adjusting supplements that you otherwise have to use are strong acids and alkalis – harsh chemicals to introduce to your reservoir that result in sudden changes in pH which are stressful for your plants. With pH Perfect keeping the pH steady and stable – making it balance free — your crops no longer have to endure wild pH swings. Connoisseur is developed to prevent nutrient deficiencies, ensuring optimal nutrition. The sweet spot is where your plants achieve optimal nutrient absorption. When your pH stays within this range, nutrients remain bio-available to the roots. Optimum nutrient uptake ensures your crops are able to absorb all the primary, secondary, and micronutrients they need throughout the week – and throughout their lifecycle. Using Connoisseur you get extra insurance of optimal nutrition through super-absorptive chelation. In addition to pH stabilization, pH Perfect Connoisseur contains a secondary layer of protection: chelation. The powerful chelation in this formulation makes nutrients more available to the roots than they would be otherwise. This is true even under a wide range of extreme growing conditions, such overly acidic, alkaline, or mineralized waters, soils, hydroponic growing media, or nutrient solutions. So, even if the water you are using is too soft or too hard, or some environmental factor or growing error takes the pH above or below where it should be, your crops can still feed. This is because with this powerful chelation a theoretical absorption range between pH 1 and pH 10 is possible. (Although actual pH ranges in growing never vary this much—you can rest assured the chelation will keep your plants within the guard rails of optimal growing conditions.)
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Dutch Pro Original Bloom Soil A&B

Dutch Pro has created a whole range of nutrients dedicated to promote the growth of strong healthy plants. Dutch Pro Original Bloom soil is a two part nutrient for use during the flowering phase of growth.
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Mills Basis A&B

Mills Basis A&B is a highly concentrated base nutrient for use during vegetation and bloom
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Snoop's Premium Nutrients Circulating A&B

Snoop's Premium Nutrients cater to your method of growing. Snoop's Circulating is suitable for hydroponic use. When using Snoop's circulating nutrients your waste water usage is significantly reduced. The recipe is tailor made taking into consideration the fact the nutrients pass through the root zone multiple times. When nutrients pass through the root zone the cation NH4+ is always take first which depletes it each time the feed water recirculates. Snoop's circulating recipe has elevated levels of the NH4+ to solve this problem.
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Vitalink Hydro Max Nutrients

Vitalink Max Grow and Bloom is a range of two-part nutrients developed for use with any hydroponic system.
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Canna Coco Nutrient

Coco nutrients are a bestseller when it comes to both vegetative and flowering stages of a plant's life.
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Hesi Coco

Hesi Coco is a one part supplement for growing plants in Coco substrate.
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Iguana Juice (Advanced nutrients)

Advanced nutrients Iguana juice is an organic vegetative formula designed to promote enhanced and rapid growth.
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Sensi (Advanced Nutrients)

Sensi Grow and Bloom are the hydroponic base nutrients from Advanced Nutrients.
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Snoop's Premium Nutrients Coco A&B

Snoop's Premium Nutrients cater to your method of growing. Snoop's Premium Coco Nutrients is suitable for those using a Coco Potting mix. Snoop's coco nutrients have been formulated so that you achieve premium results from your coco substrate. The recipe is tailor made taking into consideration the elements already present in the background EC of the coco due to the buffering process coco goes through.
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BioBizz Fish Mix

BioBizz Fish Mix is a supplement consisting of organic fish emulsion and sugar beet extracts and contains high levels of nitrogen for continued growth throughout your plant’s life cycle.
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BioBizz Nutrients (Bio Grow & Bio Bloom)

BioBizz Grow & Bloom are single-part organic nutrients developed for use with soil.
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Nutrients are essential for plant development. Choosing the right nutrients at the right time can transform your results. Plants require a combination of elements to avoid problems such as poor growth, leaf discolouration, diseases, mal-nutrition and more. Each plant nutrient fulfils a specific role in plant growth and food production. Nutrients cannot be substituted for one another.

All the nutrients found in this section provide the main ingredients for explosive growth. Our products include:

Nitrogen, an essential element of chlorophyll, enzymes, proteins. High amounts of nitrogen are required to stimulate root growth and crop development as well as uptake of other nutrients.

Phosphorus, a very important ingredient used to aid the transfer of energy which is essential for photosynthesis and other physiological processes. It is crucial for cell separation and for the development of the tissues that form growth of the plant.

Potassium- used to activate more than 60 enzymes. It improves the plants ability to intake water and increases tolerance to stresses.

Magnesium, a central ingredient of chlorophyll, the green pigment that plants use to convert the sun’s energy into carbohydrates.***

Calcium, essential for root growth and as a element of cell walls. Can also be used to limit or reduce soil acidity.


All these nutrients and more are combined to create top quality nutrients. We stock all the best products at truly unbeatable prices. Our range includes brands such as Bcuzz, Canna, Biobizz, Dutch Pro, Growth technology, Hesi, House and Garden, plant magic, Vitalink and GHE. If you require a range we do not stock please ask us and we will be more than happy to assist you further.

We want to ensure all our customers receive top quality nutrients and are satisfied; this is why we offer such extensive ranges and different products.