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Organic Grow Kits

4 Plant Complete Organic Kit

The 4-Plant Complete Organic Kit contains everything you need for growing 4 medium to large sized plants in soil.
From £15.00

HS60 CFL 250w Dual Spectrum Grow Kit

The Secret Jardin HS60 60cm x 60cm x 160cm kit comes with all you need to start growing Vegetables and Plants indoors. The HS60 Kit comes complete with Ram Extraction and a 250watt Dual Spectrum Compact Flourescent Light (CFL) kit, Ideal for those wanting to plug in and grow using one light all the way through. Each basic Kit also comes with a mechanical Lumii Timer to act as your switch to control the time lights go on and off.
From £159.95

Biobizz Starter Nutrient Kit (Organic)

Biobizz Starter Kits offer all you need to organic growing
From £59.95


Growing organically is straight forward and effective using our value for money grow kits. We want our customers to be successful with their growing experience which is why we offer everything you need to achieve vast results.

Our organic kits use the Bio-Bizz nutrient range; we supply customers with all the organic goodness and plant essentials provided in Bio Grow liquid fertilizer consisting of 100% organic sugar beet extract. This sugary mix activates micro activity within the soil to encourage excellent, vegetative growth. Bio Bloom consists of 100% organic nutrients - packed with minerals, amino acids and a small amount of nitrogen to aid excellent flowering. These finely blended organic nutrients ensure your plants deliver excellent produce. We accompany these base nutrients with a plant boost and stimulator in the form of BioBizz Root juice and Top Max, ensuring increase in the size/weight of flowers and stronger roots.***

Our kits supply you with a quality tent to give a great environment for your plants, we supply the best brands with our kits such as secret jardin tents or budbox, and we regularly get feedback from customers and suppliers ensuring we give you the best options available on the market today!

One of the most important elements to perfect when growing is regulating the correct temperature and humidity throughout your cycle. That’s why we supply an extractor fan, they work by removing unwanted hot stale air away from your grow room and intake fresh air back through your grow room. In addition we supply a thermometer, carbon filter, Ballast, Sunmaster Bulb to complete your set-up. We don’t want to forget those extra accessories you need to get complete your kit, so we do the thinking for you; we provide ducting, duct clips, chains, timers and contactors.