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Lamps and lighting systems from OSRAM provide the basis for a beautiful view of things, ensure safety and comfort, allowing for the efficient use of resources. For more than 100 years, OSRAM has been "passionate about intelligent light". As a globally operating company, we also explicitly encourage socially and environmentally responsible policies around the world - as well as sponsoring art and culture at home and abroad.

Osram Son-T Lamp

These standard sodium lamps are ideal when developing flowering plants as they replicate the red hue of the sun.
From £22.95

Osram Plantastar HPS 600W Bulb

Osram 600w Plantastar hps bulb has the highest PAR rating (meaning it has the highest plant-usable light output) of any bulb on the market, in addition to having 30% more blue spectrum than a standard HPS bulb.
From £29.95