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Pest Aid

Dutch Pro Leaf Green

Dutch Pro Leaf Green is a foliar spray used to enhance leaf development and nutrient uptake. Leaf green acts as a saviour to yellowing plants which may have deficiencies.
From £8.95

Guard'n'Aid for Thrip 250ml

Guard 'n' Aid for Thrip is an effective Thrip treatment.
£34.95 From £24.95

Guard'n'Aid Pest Off

Pest off spray by Guard ‘n’ Aid is a ready to use plant spray designed to protect your plants against a variety of pest which can attack and harm and kill your plants.
From £6.95

Microbial 1L

Mircobial is a beneficial product which will aid your plant in the defence against pests and diseases
From £24.95

Pyrethrum 5EC

Pyrethrum 5EC is an organic natural insecticide
From £17.95

Pythoff 1L

Pythoff is a nutrient conditioner for use in hydroponic tanks. used as a preventative for pythoff or root diseases.
From £34.95

BioBizz Leaf Coat 500ml

Leaf Coat is a foliar spray which forms a protective layer on the outside of your plants.
From £9.95


Cannacure is a spray-on formula which helps to defend your plants against pests and mildew by creating a protective layer on leaves and stems.
From £11.95

CX Tanlin Drops (Gnat Treatment) 20ml

Tanlin concentrated drops can help save your plant from the destructive effects of Fungus Gnats (also known as Sciarid Fly).
From £19.95

Fortefog P Fumer Midi 11g

Like a smoke bomb, these small tubs release a deadly cloud of smoke which will kill pretty much all types of insects and pests.
From £9.95

Plant Vitality Killermite

Produced by the company that brought you Plant Vitality Plus, Killermite is an insecticide designed for combatting infestations of spider mites, aphids and scarab flies.
From £79.95

Plant Vitality Plus

Known to eradicate Spider Mite infestations in one application, Plant Vitality Plus is an extremely strong insecticide.
From £11.95


Even the most careful grower will eventually encounter pests in their grow room. In order to prevent an infestation from ruining your crop - and all your hard work - it is important to identify which pests are present and then apply a suitable treatment early on.

In this section you will find both preventative and reactionary measures against the most common pests found in a grow room. Pests such as Spider Mite, Scariad Fly, Larvae Thrips and Fungus Gnats can be controlled (if not eliminated) with early identification and treatment.

There are also effective remedies available for pathogens and microbial diseases such as Pythium and Powdery Mildew – meaning that there is a solution to whatever ailment may be affecting your crop!