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Philips Lighting offer a variety of hydroponic lightinh including CDM Lamps and Green Power Bulbs. Philips have products for all your horticulture needs. Explore the different horticulture application areas and the Philips GreenPower LED products to use for them.

Philips 315W CDM Lamps

Philips 315W CDM 930 Agro lamp and 942 Daylight Lamp suitable with ceramic bulb holder and 315w maxibright ballast
From £99.95

Philips Green Power Lamp 600w

These highly recommended Greenpower lamps are excellent quality sodium bulbs that provide an enhanced growth rate.
From £45.95

Maxibright 315W CDM Adapter Lighting System

Maxibright Lighting kit comprises of a 315 w ballast and suitable Philips bulb, reflector and bulb holder
From £239.95