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Philips 315W CDM Lamps

The Philips 315W CDM Lamps are efficienct and effective Ceramic Matal Halide Lamps. The 315 CDM bulbs give bright, intense lighting- close to natural sunlight. Many growers prefer these bulbs because of the efficiency using only 1.9 micromole (umol) per watt of electricity.

There are Two HID lamps available to complete the plants life cycle these are:- The Daylight Lamp for the Grow Stage and the Agro Lamp for the flowering stage. These lamps require the Ceramic Lamp Holder included. These lamps are suitable for use with any reflector that has a E40 Lamp fitting.

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Philips 315W CDM Lamps Philips 315W CDM 930 Agro Lamp
Philips 315W CDM Lamps Philips 315W CDM 942 Daylight Lamp
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