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Philips Green Power Lamp 600w

These highly recommended Philips Greenpower lamps are excellent quality sodium bulbs that provide an enhanced growth rate. Outputting the full spectrum of light required by plants, Phillips has manufactured a superior, all-round, reliable lamp suitable for both vegetative growth and flowering.

Philips Greenpower Lamps are top of the range plant cultivation products that have been specially designed for use with market-leading electronic lighting systems. The 400V capabilities (through your standard 230V connection) guarantee that the light output remains high and stable for consistently outstanding results.The Philips Greenpower 400V 600 Watt Lamp can produce up to 8% more growth light than a non-400V 600 Watt Lamp! 

The 600 Watt lamp generates 1.9 uMol per Watt. This measure in micromoles (uMol per Watt) basically means that the bulb gives you and your plants a greater amount of light from the overall amount of energy invested.

This high quality bulb can last up to nine months and is available in 240V or 400V in 600 watts.

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Philips Green Power Lamp 240V/600w
Philips Green Power Lamp 400V/600w
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