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Philips Son-T HPS 1000w Bulb

Philips are some of the highest quality horticulatural lamps available today. The 1000w Philips Son-T HPS Lamp is designed to give a high PAR output of usable HPS light for horticultural use and is designed to work with modern digital 1000w horticultural lighting ballasts. These dimmable, high intensity lamps are designed to be very reliable / long life and will give good yeilds of high quality results.

Research at universities and applied research stations has demonstrated that the rate of photosynthesis is related to the amount of photons between 400 – 700 nm.This is called ‘Photosynthetic Photon Flux’ (PPF). It is the only reliable way of measuring if a light source is suitable for photosynthesis. The higher the PPF value per Watt, the more efficient the light source for plant growth.

Product data

System Description External Ignitor

Colour Code 220 [CCT of 2000K]

Colour Rendering

Colour Temperature 2000 K

Lamp Luminous Flux EM

130000 Lm Luminous Flux EM 25°C, Rated

Lamp Luminous Efficacy EM 130 Lm/W

Lum Efficacy Rated EM 25°C 130 Lm/W

Lumen Maintenance 2000h 95 %

Lumen Maintenance 5000h 90 %

Average Luminance 650 cd/cm2 EM

Lamp Wattage 1000 W

Lamp Wattage EM

25°C, Nominal

1000.0 W

Lamp Wattage EM

25°C, Rated

960.0 W

Lamp Voltage 100 V

Lamp Current EM 10.6 A

Ignition Time 10 (max) s

Run-up time 90% 6 (max) min

Dimmable yes

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Philips Son-T HPS 1000w Bulb