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Plant Aid

Sugar Peak Leaf Growth 1l

Sugar Peak Leaf Growth is a stem and leaf growth enhancer made up of a hydro-fusion blend
From £10.95

Dutch Pro Keep It Clean

Dutch pro keep it clean is a plant friendly cleaning fluid which creates and maintains the optimal working conditions for your drip system.
From £22.95

Dutch Pro Leaf Green

Dutch Pro Leaf Green is a foliar spray used to enhance leaf development and nutrient uptake. Leaf green acts as a saviour to yellowing plants which may have deficiencies.
From £8.95

Pythoff 1L

Pythoff is a nutrient conditioner for use in hydroponic tanks. used as a preventative for pythoff or root diseases.
From £34.95

Revive (Advanced Nutrients)

Revive will treat and bring your plants back to life.
From £6.95

CX Powdery Mildew Treatment

Powdery Mildew Treatment (or PMT) can be used as a preventative measure or as a treatment for Powdery Mildew.
From £19.95

CX Regen-a-root

Canadian Xpress Regen-a-root helps protect your roots from damage, corrects poor root growth, prevents root disease and keeps roots healthy.
From £14.95

CX Wilt Guard

Canadian Xpress Wilt Guard is a great product to use as a Pythium preventative and potassium deficiency remedy.
From £17.95

HALO Foliar Feed

HALO foliar plant feed is an energetic plant booster which increases the size and yield of your crops. Containing the Harpin Alpha Beta Protein, HALO improves the plants overall performance - specifically Halo will increase the plants rate of photosynthesis by up to 25%.
From £3.95

Hesi Super Vit

Hesi Super Vit is an exceptional blend of 15 Vitamins and 10 Amino acids.
From £7.95


Hygrozyme is an organic enzyme based product which helps to break down dead root matter and also acts as a root zone cleaner.
From £24.95

Liquid Silicon

Silicon is used by plants for many things including: the creation of strong cell walls; the production of chlorophyll; and the transportation of minerals.
From £9.95


Ensuring that your plants remain healthy is paramount to ensuring large yields and a successful grow. When your plants’ health deteriorates they can be more susceptible to the effects of pests and diseases - as their immune system will be weakened. It is essential, therefore, to make sure that your plants are kept in peak condition if you want the best results from your grow.

In this section, you will find a number of additives and supplements which can help maintain the overall health of your plants. These include beneficial bacteria, amino acids, essential vitamins and pathogen preventatives.

When used correctly, all of these products will strengthen your plants against possible infections and infestations -  as well as ensuring that your plants grow at an optimum rate throughout their lifetime.