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Plant Magic

Plant magic products have been specifically designed to suit the UK market. Their produce has been modified to adapt to the UK water supply meaning minimal PH adjustment to nutrient solutions.

The Plant Magic range includes nutrients, beneficial, additives, growing media and more-all formulated naturally to ‘promote healthy plant growth’.

Plant Magic Evolution

Plant Magic Evolution is a foliar spray for use during the Vegetation stage.
From £4.95

Plant Magic Old Timer

Plant magic old timer is a organic plant feed which supports plant health, taste and aroma.
From £9.95

Plant Magic Soil Supreme 50L

Plant Magic Soil Supreme is a unique blend of Sphagnum peat, Fytocell foam and plant magics own organic growth stimulant.
From £12.95

Plant Magic Magne Cal+

Plant magic’s Magne Cal is here is rid any problems you may have with Magnesium or Calcium deficiencies. This formula contains two very important elements which significantly contribute to your plants overall growth.
From £8.95

Plant Magic Plus

Plant Magic has designed a Grow and Bloom formula specifically for soil.
From £11.95

Plant Magic Plus Bloom Boost

Bloom Boost is an ideal product to use to give your plants accelerated growth during the flowering phase.
From £11.95

Plant Magic Plus Root Stimulator

This root stimulant develops your plants' roots so that they can absorb more nutrients.
From £10.95

Plant Magic Plus Vega Boost

Plant Magic Veg Boost is a booster designed for use during the vegetative stages of a plant’s life.
From £10.95