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Plant Magic Platinum Pk 9-18

Plant Magic Platinum Premium PK 9-18 is a flowering booster with a highly complex PK designed to boost and enhance blooms. During they flowering stage plants need a range of stimulants and boosting agents to deliver those heavier yields. Plant Magic Platinum offers enriched bio-stimulants along with the essential nutrients for flowering which include:-

Phosphorus and Potassium which will aid the production of flowering, sulphur to speed up photosynthesis and Nitrogen to maintain plant health.

The Bio-Stimulants in this PK Booster feed the fungi and microbes in the roots and make nutrient readily available and easier to be absorbed. 

In accordance to the Plant magic feeding guide, Platinum PK9-18 should be used with the plant magic range and alongside the Magne-cal+.

How to Use

Hydro and Coco

Week 4: 4ml per 10L of water
Week 5: 5ml per 10L of water
Week 6: 6ml per 10L of water
Week 7: 7ml per 10l of water


Week 4: 3ml per 10L of water
Week 5: 4ml per 10L of water
Week 6: 5ml per 10L of water
Week 7: 7ml per 10L of water

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