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Plant Success Liquid Orca

Plant Success Liquid Orca is a Premium Liquid Mycorrhizae with Beneficial Bacteria. Orca is a highly concentrated LIQUID mycorrhizal and beneficial bacteria. Liqiud Orca is an easy-to-use, all-in-one treatment that inoculates root-zones with four strains of endomycorrhizal fungi and 11 strains of highly beneficial bacteria. They form a symbiotic relationship with plants, facilitating a massively increased level of nutrient uptake, warding off pathogens and promoting glowing, radiant plant health.

Plant Success has created this liquid Orca which makes it easy to push plants to their full potential. Orca will push their growth, enhancing yield and boosting biological properties in any system and in any growing medium! By cultivating a complex culture of beneficial microbes, you'll even help to prevent issues with root disease, the bane of many a hydroponic gardener's life.

Orca can be used on seeds, cuttings, in coco and soil or in any hydroponic system.


Use 1-2 drops directly on seed.


Soak starter cubes in Orca® at 1-3 mL per 1 gal (4 L) of water for up to an hour. Orca® can also be used in pre-soak solution.


Use 5 mL per 10 gal (35 L) of water every reservoir change from start to finish.

Soil, Coco and Topfeeding

Use 1-5 mL per 1 gal of water. 

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