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Plant!t is a UK based company. All of the Plant!t range have been designed to a high specification ensuring top quality and high performance.

The Plant!t range includes a variety of products from hydroponic systems to pots. 

T5 Power Lead

This is a T5 Power lead 2m long
From £4.95

Plant-it Clay Pebbles 10L

Plant-it Clay Pebbles are for hydroponic use
From £4.95

Plant-it Perlite 10L

Plant it Perlite can be an ideal choice for many growing arrangements. This light weight, PH neutral substrate is great for use on its own or alongside soil.
From £6.95

Plant!t Vermiculite 10L

Plant-it Vermiculite is natural sterile soft Mica Minerals which are an excellent addition for any potting mix. There are many benefits of Vermiculite including its natural ability to retain water and nutrients
From £9.95

Plant it Water Timer

The PLANT!T Water Timer can be used with mains water from a tap outlet or with a gravity feed system from a tank, water butt or reservoir. The unit takes just two easy steps to programme, turn the RunTime dial to the desired irrigation period and turn the Frequency dial to select the period between waterings. Then attach the outlet to the irrigation tube and the timer will do the rest. Benefits: Ideal for gravity feed allotment systems to control irrigation from a water butt or reservoir Weather resistant Powered by two 1.5v AAA alkaline batteries (not included) that can last a full season without needing to be changed Auto shut-off valve for when the battery power is low and programme delay button for when you need to do plant maintenance work and don’t want to be irrigating Comes with a selection of fittings and inline filter Technical Specifications: Working pressure range: 0-150 PSI (0-10 BAR) Connection: ¾ male/female tap/hose connector Frequency: Can select to irrigate every 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 24, 48, 72 hours or 1 week Run (on) time: 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes
From £26.95

Plant!t PH Pen (meter)

Root!t pH Meters allow you to accurately check the pH level of your nutrient solution. These digital meters are self-calibrating and will display the temperature and PH reading of any liquid on a LCD screen.
From £29.95

Plant-it Herb Garden

The PLANT!T Herb Garden is a handy all-in-one self-watering system that will allow you to grow fresh herbs and lettuces in your home. Using a simple wick system, the PLANT!T herb garden will look after itself by only taking what the plant requires, avoiding over and under watering. Easily refill the reservoir with water / nutrients when the indicator level is showing low, via the watering hole on the top of the pot. The planting pot can be removed from the lighting stand when potting up or harvesting your plants. It also allows for easy cleaning before starting with new plants. Plants will receive supplemental light with a built-in full spectrum LED grow light with boost setting. This will alternate through phases of white and purple light to provide an optimal light cycle for all stages of plant growth and development. The LED can also be dimmed if it is not suitable for your living space. This compact system is perfect for the kitchen where you can keep fresh herbs and lettuces to hand whilst cooking! Product Dimensions: 325 x 150 x 330 mm (lwh) Technical Specifications: 1 year warranty. Input Voltage 24 V DC , Power 7.5 W , IP rating IP20
From £74.95

Plant!t Dirt Pots with handles (Fabric sizes 11L-56L)

11 litre - 24cm x 24cm x 23cm 17 litre - 27cm x 27cm x 25cm 26 litre - 30cm x 30cm x 28cm 37 litre - 35cm x 35cm x 32cm
From £1.65