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Prima Kilma Professional Carbon Filters

Prima Kilma Professional Carbon Filters will remove unwanted odours from your growing space, whether you are growing chilli peppers, orchids or your favourite herbs and spices, the escape of grow room odours and plant smells can become a serious problem. The only truly effective way of dealing with this issue is to use a decent, fit for purpose Carbon Filter as part of a complete extraction/filtration system.

Prima Klima Professional Carbon Filters are the best filters that money can buy for indoor. Prima Kilma are an exceptional brand of filter, other brands out there make claims about their super lightweight range of filters that use water filtration carbon - which often causes significant losses in terms of extraction rates and also damages your fans. Over many, many years and thousands of filters, Prima Klima units have proven to be incredibly reliable and professionally built. We never see returns of these filters and they never damage extractor fans. Trust the reputation, and trust the experience!

Conveniently you can select from a variety of different Prima Klima Professional Carbon Filters, with the right choice ultimately depending on the size of your grow room and extractor fan, as well as the number of lights being operated.

To install a carbon filter and set-up a full extraction/filtration system requires little effort and takes no more than a few minutes to do. You first need to attach your carbon filter to the intake of an extractor fan (we recommend the RVK brand) using a Fast Clamp. Then connect a suitable length of Ducting to the other end of the fan with a Quick Release Duct Clip. Finally suspend the whole unit from your grow room ceiling or grow tent roof by looping necessary amounts of Chain and/or Rope Ratchetsaround the fan, filter and ducting. Air will be drawn through your carbon filter - which contains activated granules of charcoal to absorb and eliminate the airborne odour - before being extracted outside.

Prima Klima Professional Carbon Filter will last for at least 18 months.

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Prima Kilma PRO Carbon Filters 100mm (4")
Prima Kilma PRO Carbon Filters 125mm (5") 480m³/hr
Prima Kilma PRO Carbon Filters 150mm (6") 620m³/hr
Prima Kilma PRO Carbon Filters 200mm (8") 1000m³/hr
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