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Propagation Lighting

CFL Lead & Lamp Holder

As the name suggests, the CFL lead and lamp holder consists of an E40 lamp holder and a three-pin plug on a four metre lead.
From £11.95

Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) Reflector

The CFL Pro reflector is a great, cost effective way to start growing.
From £27.95

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) Kits

CFLs (or 'Eco Lights') maximise production without drastically increasing temperatures or energy consumption.
From £44.95

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) w/ Lead

Perfect for supplementary lighting or as a propagation light, this kit includes a 125w CFL (Red or Blue) and a CFL lead & lamp holder
From £29.95

Fluorescent Tube Lights

These 55w replacement tubes are suitable for use with 2-tube and 4-tube fluorescent lights.
From £9.50

Maxibright Fluorescent Propagation Tube Light Units

Great when used as propagation lights or for keeping mother plants alive, these fluorescent tube lights are available in both two-tube and four-tube models.
From £79.95

Maxibright T5 Propagation Lights (2-tube, 4-tube,8-tube)

T5 propagation lights are both energy efficient and long-lasting.
From £59.95

Sunblaster T5 (17W) Nanotech Reflector Combo (45cm)

The Sunblaster T5 is complete lighting system ideal for propagation.
From £8.95

Sunblaster T5 (24W) Nanotech Reflector Combo (60cm)

The Sunblaster T5 is complete lighting system ideal for propagation.
From £27.95

Secret Jardin LED Light 42W Blue

The Secret Jardin LED 42w Blue light is a great alternative to HPS, CFL or T5 lighting. The 42W LED lighting can be used on its on as Propagation/ Vegetation lighting or as supplimentary lighting to your existing set-ups. LED's are widely used as they have very low running costs, reducing your electricity expenses without reducing speed and quality of growth.
From £79.95

Plant-it Herb Garden

The PLANT!T Herb Garden is a handy all-in-one self-watering system that will allow you to grow fresh herbs and lettuces in your home. Using a simple wick system, the PLANT!T herb garden will look after itself by only taking what the plant requires, avoiding over and under watering. Easily refill the reservoir with water / nutrients when the indicator level is showing low, via the watering hole on the top of the pot. The planting pot can be removed from the lighting stand when potting up or harvesting your plants. It also allows for easy cleaning before starting with new plants. Plants will receive supplemental light with a built-in full spectrum LED grow light with boost setting. This will alternate through phases of white and purple light to provide an optimal light cycle for all stages of plant growth and development. The LED can also be dimmed if it is not suitable for your living space. This compact system is perfect for the kitchen where you can keep fresh herbs and lettuces to hand whilst cooking! Product Dimensions: 325 x 150 x 330 mm (lwh) Technical Specifications: 1 year warranty. Input Voltage 24 V DC , Power 7.5 W , IP rating IP20
From £74.95


At this initial stage of growth lighting should be chosen specifically for propagation purposes. Intense lighting and heat will overwhelm your plants and stunt their growth.

In this section you will find a range of fluorescent lighting all designed to provide appropriate lighting for propagation and minimal heat output, but still provide the necessary amount of lumens for a plant to survive.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (or CFLs) provide a cheap and effective way of nurturing young plants. Available as 125W bulbs, they can be used with a reflector or simply with a lampholder. One CFL is usually enough for a large propagator or an area up to 1m2.

Alternatively, you may wish to use a Fluorescent Tube Light or a T5 Propagation Light. These lights come as complete units (with a reflector) and contain either 55W bulbs (for Fluorescent Tubes) or 24W bulbs ­(for T5’s).

The advantage of using these lights is that they are compact – meaning you have an increased amount of space in your propagation room or clone station.***

All of the lights on this page come with blue or white spectrum bulbs (ideal for vegetative growth) and produce low amounts of heat.

Depending of the size of your grow room you may require additional reflectors, bulbs and holders, all of these are found in this section.