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Root-it Propagator

Root-it propagators are ideal for seedlings and cuttings during the early stages
From £7.95

Stewarts Heated Propagator

Stewarts heated propagators are a sealed heated unit that can maintain the desired temperature for your plants
From £26.95

Aeroponic Propagators

In Aeroponic propagators plants are suspended in neoprene discs with their roots constantly sprayed with a nutrient solution.
From £48.95

Garland High Dome Propagators

Garland High Dome Propagators are sturdy, durable and re-usable.
From £7.95

Root-it Heat Mat

Root-it Heat mats are the ideal solution for keeping seedlings and cuttings at the optimum temperature for early development. Simply place the root-it heat mat underneath the bottom of your propagator and it will provide an even spread of heat to the bottom of your plants.
From £27.95

X-Stream Heated Variable Propagator

With enough space for up to 450 seedlings or cuttings (depending on cube size) the X-Stream heated propagator is the ultimate choice for larger scale growers.
From £149.95


Propagators are a covered container you can fill with soil used for germinating or raising seedlings or cuttings. Propagators come in heated or unheated varieties depending on your preference.

This piece of equipment acts as an incubator supporting your plants to sprout roots and form strong healthy foundations. Propagators provide the perfect environment successful vigorous growth.

Depending on your budget we have different versions and sizes of propagators available.