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RAM Mixed Flow Budget Extraction kit

RAM Mixed Flow Kits are an excellent choice for complete extraction at extremely low prices. Ram kits may be cheaper than other brands but they do not compromise on offering high airflow rates and multiple speed settings. Unlike other budget fans out there, RAM Fans are built to a decent standard and won't break down after a month, putting your grow room at risk.


There’s no wiring and no measuring up Kit includes fan + filter + ducting + fixings in correct size. 

You can flip between 2 x speed settings without a controller. This is great for seasonal changes.

  • Plug & Play: No fan wiring and power lead included!
  • 2 speed settings (no controller needed)
  • Quick clean: Fast-release fan mechanism for easy cleaning & maintenance of fan- increases life of your equipment
  • Value for Money: Everything you need for temperature, CO2, humidity & odour control

Airflow Rates for Each Fan Size

4-Inch: Variable 199m3/hr / High Speed 165 m3/hr

5-Inch: Variable 225m3/hr / High Speed 248 m3/hr

6-Inch: Variable 517m3/hr / High Speed 398 m3/hr

8-Inch: Variable 840m3/hr / High Speed 690 m3/hr

Decibel Rating for Each Fan Size

4-Inch: 36dB
5-Inch: 41dB
6-Inch: 44dB
8-Inch: 54dB

RAM Pro Carbon Filter Sizes 

Each Kit contains:

1x RAM Mixed Flow Inline Fan

1x Ram Pro Filter 

1x 5m Aluminium Ducting (combi may be substituted stock depending)

3x Duct Clips

Why use a RAM Extraction kit?

Growing indoors in a room or tent requires a constant regualtion of heat and humidity. Plants consume CO2 and release humidity. At the same time, your grow lights and other hot bits of kit are increasing your grow room temperature.

In order to avoid mould, diseases, pest, plants dying, bad conditions you need to draw out hot, stale, humid, CO2 depleted air, and replace it with fresh, cooler, CO2 rich air. This improved air supply will gives plants the best chance of survival and create perfect conditions for plants to thrive. 

The items in this kit all play a part in creating the perfect growing environment

A fan: draw air out

A filter: to remove odours before air is extracted

Ducting: to vent air where you need it

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Ram Mixed Flow Extraction Kit 100mm (4")
RAM Mixed Flow Extraction kit 125mm (5")
RAM Mixed Flow Extraction kit 150mm (6")
RAM Mixed Flow Extraction kit 200mm (8")
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