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Rhino Ventilation products are uniquely made and distributed all across Europe. Rhino products are finely tuned to be durable, long lasting and easy to use.

Within the Rhino range you will find Filters, fan controllers, ducting and fans. All of these innovative produce guarantee high performance and exceptional quality. Rhino goods are a number one choice for many customers and a trusted name within the hydroponic industry.

Combi Ducting

Combi Ducting is a polyester and aluminium laminated ducting
From £8.95

Rhino Carbon Filters

Rhino filters use the best quality Australian carbon.
From £5.95

Rhino Extraction Kits

The Rhino Extraction Kit contains everything you need to extract air from your grow room. Included in each kit is: an RVK Fan; a Rhino Pro Carbon Filter; 5m of Aluminium Ducting; 3x Jubilee Clips; and an RVK Power Lead.
From £134.95

Rhino Fan Controller

The Rhino RC-1 Fan Controller is a great option for growers with smaller fans.
From £99.95

Rhino Twin Speed Fans

This range of Rhino Fans come with two speed settings, enabling more control over the ventilation in your grow room.
From £79.95

Rhino Thermostatically controlled RVK Fan

Rhino Thermostatically controlled RVK Fan has a built in automatic controller, just set the temperature on the fan and it will maintain the temperature.
From £99.95