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Root Success Clean Kit

The Root Success Clean Kit contains a match made in Heaven SILVER BULLET and HYGROZYME!!! These two products should never be over looked, many growers forget to protect and preserve root health. You can safely use these two products in any Tank or System. Silver Bullet and Hygrozyme combined will:

  • -Kills 99.99% of all root diseases
  • -Prevents Pythium, botrytis, powdery mildew & fusarium
  • -Breaks down old root debris
  • -Stimulates root growth
  • -Increases oxygen in the rootzone


Silver Bullet contains Hydrogen Peroxide which physically destroys bacteria. In fact, Silver Bullet will kill 99% of Root bacteria, Fungus, Mould and Biofilm. In addition, it can be used as a preventative for many diseases such as Botryis, Powdery Mildew, Pythium and fusarium.

As well as the benefits of hydrogen peroxide, you will notice added oxygen around the roots, this is great for assisting growth and nutrient uptake-overall improving plant performance.

Silver Bullet is a stress free product, it is Non-ToxicChlorine Free, Non-Corrosive, PH Neutral and completely Safe!

Hygrozyme is a natural enzyme based product which helps to break down dead root matter and also acts as a root zone cleaner.

Root Success Clean Kit 1L Contains 1x 1L Silver Bullet & 1x 1L Hygrozyme

Root Success Clean Kit 4L/5L Contains 1x 5L Silver Bullet & 1x 4L Hygrozyme

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Root Success Clean Kit 1L