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Root !t

ROOT!T aim to recreate the best parts of nature to accelerate germination and develop outstanding plants with the best possible start in life. All of the ROOT!T products complement each other creating a complete range that tailors to all of your propagating needs.
Whether you are looking for propagating plugs to use on their own or if you are just looking for plant nutrition, the ROOT!T range will have what you need. Regardless of your previous successes or failures in propagation, the ROOT!T range is perfect for you!

Root !t First Feed

Root it First feed a nutrient solution high in Boron and Calcium proven to aid excellent and fast rooting in propagation.
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Root!t Rooting Gel 150ml

Root-it Rooting Gel is a formulated and designed to use with preformed propagation plugs and other growing media. Rooting Gel is perfect for assisting healthy and rapid rooting of cuttings and young plants. Unlike other rooting/hormone gels, Root it have created the first rooting gel that will stay firm to the plug, replacing the need for hormone rooting powder. This rooting gel is so easy and convenient to use, the gel can be put directly in to the central cavity of the plug, the gel then forms a direct seal around the cut surface of the cutting. This seal will ensure protection for the stem and this will prevent infection and dehydration. Using this Rooting gel has been proven to show high success rates. Root it rooting gel is suitable and effective to use with sponges, stonewool plugs, peat plugs, coco coir plugs and compost.
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Root !t Stock Plant Tonic 125ml

Root!t Stock Plant Tonic is a growth stimulant which will encourage the development of side shoots. Stock Plant Tonic is especially good for mother plants, when cuttings are taken from the plant, new growth will need to be encouraged and the quicker the better. This Plant Tonic helps the plant stay alive and healthy during the stress of having cuttings taken.
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Root-it Cutting Mist 100ml

Root-it Cutting Mist is a foliar additive for use during the propagation stage. Root-it Mist gives your plants a fine blend of natural minerals and Amino acids which promote excellent strength and health especially when plants are in early development.
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Root-it Heat Mat

Root-it Heat mats are the ideal solution for keeping seedlings and cuttings at the optimum temperature for early development. Simply place the root-it heat mat underneath the bottom of your propagator and it will provide an even spread of heat to the bottom of your plants.
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Root!t Digital Heat Mat Thermostat

The digital Heat Mat Thermostat by Root!t is a digital device which will ensure precise temperature control. The thermostat is designed to evenly spread the heat of the mat to suit the optimum growing temperature
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