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Rooting Media

Canna Terra Seed Mix

Canna Terra Seed Mix is suited for the early stage of plant growth, use seed mix at the potting stage to help plants germinate.
From £10.95

Fleximix Root Riot Organic Starter Cubes

Suitable for use in both soil and hydroponic systems, these propagation cubes have excellent aeration properties - perfect for early root development.
From £6.95

Grodan Propagation Cubes

Grodan Propagation Cubes are perfect for both seedlings and cuttings.
From £9.95

Jiffy Propagation Plugs

Containing just the right amount of nutrients for seedlings and cuttings, Jiffy Plugs are a great organic starter medium.
From £0.10

Jiffy Cell Tray 84 Hole Plastic Tray

This purpose made Jiffy tray fits 84 Jiffy-7C 30mm coir plugs. It is ideal for volume propagation or to cut down to fit small propagators. Dimensions: 52cm x 31cm Note: Plugs not included
From £2.45

Jiffy Plugs 30mm Box of 1155 Plugs

These best selling propagating plugs just require wetting. Drop in the seed or cutting and place in a propagator and off it grows! Sold throughout the world, they also grow great in NFT - simply drop your new seedlings into your SureGrow Gully. The Jiffy Coco Coir Plugs are made of a stable structured substrate and are an environmentally friendly product that is convenient and quality assured.
From £79.95


Our rooting media allows you to root your cuttings and seedlings with confidence.

Our range includes the popular brand Grodan known for great value for money and overall success. They provide cubes with a tray making the rooting experience easy and straight-forward.

In addition to Grodan we offer Fleximix root riot which is an organic alternative promoting excellent aeration and early root development properties. Jiffy propagation plugs are also found in this section which is also an organic alternative great for cuttings and seedlings.