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RVK Fans

The RVK is both a powerful and long-lasting extraction and intake fan. This range of fans provides sufficient airflow to easily handle air-cooled lights and is capable of pulling or pushing air through ducting and carbon filters. RVKs are extremely reliable and both easy to maintain and clean.

The RVK is available in the following sizes and specifications:

100mm A1 (4"); 100E2

Rated air-flow: 184 m3/hour

Noise level: 34.5 dB

Power consumption: 29.1 Watts

Current draw: 0.171 Amps

Weight: 1.8 Kg

125mm A1 (5"); 125E2

Rated air-flow: 220 m3/hour

Noise level: 37.5 dB

Power consumption: 29.2 Watts

Current draw: 0.172 Amps

Weight: 1.8Kg

150mm A1 (6"); 150E2

Rated air-flow: 428 m3/hour

Noise level: 40.6 dB

Power consumption: 59.6 Watts

Current draw: 0.262 Amps

Weight: 2.6 Kg

150mm L1 (6"); 150E2-L

Rated air-flow: 720 m3/hour

Noise level: 44.8 dB

Power consumption: 109 Watts

Current draw: 0.48 Amps

Weight: 3.1 Kg

200mm A1 (8"); 200E2

Rated air-flow: 796 m3/hour

Noise level: 42 dB

Power consumption: 104 Watts

Current draw: 0.46 Amps

Weight: 3.2 Kg

250mm A1 (10"); 250E2

Rated air-flow: 860 m3/hour

Noise level: 39.7 dB

Power consumption: 109 Watts

Current draw: 0.476 Amps

Weight: 3.7 Kg

315mm A1 (12.5"); 315E2

Rated air-flow: 1360 m3/hour

Power consumption: 176 Watts

Current draw: 0.94 Amps

Weight: 5.8 Kg

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RVK Fans RVK 100mm/175m³ A1 (4")
RVK Fans RVK 125mm/250m³ A1 (5")
RVK Fans RVK 150mm/420m³ A1 (6")
RVK Fans RVK 150mm/680m³ L1 (6")
RVK Fans RVK 200mm/750m³ A1 (8")
RVK Fans RVK 250mm/1000m³ L1 (10")
RVK Fans RVK 315mm/1400m³ A1 (12.5")
RVK Fans RVK 315mm/1800m³ L1 (12.5")
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