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Secret Jardin DP90 Propagator Tent (Silver) 90x60x98cm rev.4

Secret Jardin have specially designed this tent for propagation, the DP90 Propagation tent is perfect for keeping seedlings and cuttings. The dimensions of this Secret Jardin tent (90x60x98cm) allow for a large number of small plants and are perfect for use with 2 or 4 tube fluorescent lights. Equipped with ports for cables and ducting, the DP90 has a silver Mylar lining which is both 95% reflective and lightproof.

Revision R4.00
Weight 5.8kg
Dimensions 90cm x 60cm x 98cm
Water Tray 1x WT90.60
Ducting Flange 2x Support Ø160mm
1x Connector Ø100mm
1x Light Baffle
Video :
Cable Flange 1x CF7 Ø70mm
Video :
Handling 2x Lighting holders and filter included, supporting up to 10kg
Length : 60cm
Accessories included 15x CableIT - Clips for cables and nets 
PatchIT :
Others acccessories (not included) Rubber Duct :
Metal Grid :
Lighting Advised 2x TLED 26W
Volume Tent 0.5m3
Extraction advised HPS/HOT (Every 30 to 60 sec) :
Extraction 30m3/h

LED/COLD (Every 1 to 2 min) :
Extraction 15m3/h
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  • 7 days to collect
  • Open 10am - 6pm
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Secret Jardin DP90 Propagator Tent (Silver) 90x60x98cm rev.4
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