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Shogun Geisha Foliar Spray 750ml

Shogun Geisha Foliar spray is an awesomely effective plant spray to enhance your plant's metabolism and trigger more flowering sites. Geisha Foliar maintains and steadily increases plant metabolism causing increase in the growth of flowers and fruits while simultaneously improving quality this is especially effective in the early stages of budding. When used later in flowering, Geisha Foliar enhances the plant's whole fruiting response, leading to larger quality crops.

So why use Shogun Geisha?

-Increases flowering sites by up to 5%

-Fast, effective results, with 24 hours

-Plants look more vibrant, greener and well hydrated

-Creates heat tolerance for a few days after spraying

-Gives plants energy to increase nutrient uptake

-Boosts plant metabolism and Enhance yield and quality

-Use during vegetative growth and flowering

-Apply every 2 weeks

-No dilution needed – supplied ready to use

-No mixing or pH adjustment needed

Directions for use:

-Use aproximately 300-375ml per square metre. Use the spray once every 2 weeks to maintain the effect.

- Spray when the lights are off (preferably when they have just turned off), spray the leaves of the plant on both the tops and the undersides.

-Ensure that the leaves are fully coated but if run-off occurs then you are using too much.

-Geisha Foliar can be used throughout a plant's life to improve plant growth speed, and to increase yields and improve the quality in your final product.

-For an even greater effect use Shogun Sumo Boost along with Geisha. Simply add between 0.75ml and 1.5ml of Sumo Boost to the spray bottle and shake well.

Like many nutrients Shogun Geisha works best alongside the whole Shogun nutrient range.


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Shogun Geisha Foliar Spray 750ml
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