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Shogun Katana Roots

Shogun Katana Roots is a root stimulant designed to deliver explosive root growth and a strong healthy root zone. All great plants need a strong foundation and the expert formulation of Shogun Katana Roots helps to create the most efficient nutrient uptake. More Nutrients means more growth for your plants, more growth gives increased performance and ultimately better yields. Using Katana Roots you will notice your plants thriving straight away as it speeds up the vegetation process- tests have shown visible roots within just 5 days. 

Katana Roots is designed to be used alongside your base feed as a nutrient additive primarily, but can also be used for soaking propagation cubes, foliar spray and when taking cuttings.

So why use Katana Roots?

-Improves root health

-Enhances root branching

-Reduces plant stress when cut for cuttings and seedlings

-Great dilution rate: 0.2mL/L (5mL for cube soak & foliar spray)

-Effective in soil, coco and hydroponic mediums

-Speeds up propagation times – we got roots in just 5 days! 

Directions for use:

Cuttings & Seedlings

1. Add at a rate of 5mL/L of nutrient solution
2. Soak propagation plugs in the solution for 15 minutes
3. Water this solution into your propagation plugs once per week until your plants are ready to repot

Root Feed

1. Add at a rate of 0.2mL/L to your reservoir or watering can
2. Use throughout vegetative growth and for the first three weeks of the flowering cycle

Foliar Spray

1. Add at a rate of 5ml per litre
2. Spray on un-rooted cuttings and on new transplants.

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