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Shogun Start

Shogun Start provides all the essential nutrional feed that cuttings and seedlings need for intense growth and development. The aim of a start feed is to rapidly establish a good root system. A great end result starts with a great beginning, Shogun start gives your plant the best! Unlike other brands, Shogun start provides optimum concentrations of nutrients, that wont overwhelm your plants but it will give them a much better balance of nutrients than you could get by using regular feed at lower concentrations (EC levels). When you reduce the EC levels of regular feed too much, you also overly reduce the levels of minerals like calcium. Shogun Start was formulated to complete the shogun range and like most feeding regimes all the nutrients compliment each other. A start feed is designed to provide optimal levels of the minerals that your plants need to perform at their best.

So why use Shogun Start?

-Promotes rapid root growth

-Increases cutting survival rate

-Encourages excess branching

-Promotes white, fluffy roots

-Relieves stress (SmartZen)

Directions for use:

Use it for pre-soaking propagation cubes and as a root feed for cuttings and seedlings.

For the first 2 weeks, use it as a root feed. 

It is suitable for use in aeroponic propagators and can also be used as a foliar spray.

It's great for mother plants. At any stage of growth, you can use it for pre-soaking media instead of using a half-strength feed.

4ml/L (weeks -6 & -5)

For best results, use it with Katana roots, but it’s compatible with any brand of root stimulator.

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Shogun Start 250ml
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