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Shogun Zenzym

Shogun Zenzym is a specially formulated blend of unique enzymes guaranteed to significantly improve root function and nutrient uptake. Shogun Zenzym is designed to quickly break down microscopic dead root material to allow space for new growth and release locked up elements. Zenzym uses a process called Hydrolysis this breaks down microscopic dead root material by breaking the 1.4-beta linkages in glucan molecules. It strips the roots, removes debris and improves root health and nutrient absorption. Zenzym turns dead root matter into minerals and sugars that then feed the beneficial bacteria in the rootzone. This creates an additional source of nutrients, including previously unavailable elements! By getting rid of old, ineffective roots, it makes way for healthy new replacements. This clears the way for fresh, powerful, brilliant roots, ready to absorb maximum nutrients. 

The benefits of using Shogun Zenzym are you can recycle your plant medium.The varied enzymes energizes worn-out media by removing dead root matter and turns it into beneficial nutrients which are usable to the plant. They also add extra oxygen at the root level. Another key benefit is pests, Zenzym actively fights against pests, pathogens and bacteria- Could Zenzym get any better?

So why use Shogun Zenzym?

-Unique enzyme-based product that boosts performance & yield

-Releases locked up nutrients from dead matter back to the plant

-Use throughout a crop to stimulate root growth

-Dilution rate: 2.5ml per litre

Why do plants need Enzymes and what are the Benefits? 

Enzymes are biological catalysts which speed up chemical reactions. The behaviour of a plant during photosynthesis and many other biological processes are controlled by enzymes. Enzymes are necessary for a majority of chemical reactions that occur in organisms. These reactions occur in the breakdown of chemical molecules, which we see in the digestive system

Directions of Use:

-Use it as a root feed Dilution rate: 2.5ml per litre

-Simply add to your watering can or reservoir

-Start using SHOGUN Zenzym from Cutting / Seedling Stage up till 2 weeks before the flush

-Suitable for all types of growing media and suitable in active hydroponics systems


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