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Gold Star Air-cooled Lumii Dimmable System

The Goldstar air-cooled reflector is made of high quality aluminium which provides perfect light distribution. The traditional design provides a wide, even spread of light whilst effectively removing heat produced by the lamp.

The air-cooled unit allows the distance between your light and your plants to be reduced drastically, ensuring enhanced growth rates. The Goldstar comes with safety glass as standard and no assembly is required.

Lumii Black Electronic Dimmable Ballast

LUMii BLACK 600w Electronic Ballast’s are supplied as a stand-alone ballast with a flying IEC lead, which means you can add any reflector fitted with an IEC socket to start growing – it’s that simple!The ballast features dim and boost functions, giving you the ability to control the light output from your lamp to your plants. There are  ‘super-lumens’ boost option (600w+Boost) which is on average a 10% increase in output.


Length: 29cm | Width: 12cm | Height: 6cm

Voltage: 240V

Power Lead: 2m

Running Amps: 2.9 Amps

Lumii Black 600w HID Lamp

The LUMii BLACK Lamp is a 600w High Pressure Sodium Lamp with an E40 fitting. Offering raised blues, this bulb is perfect for stimulating enhanced flowering. The LUMii BLACK Lamp offers 18,000 life hours and 90,000 Lumens. For best results, we recommend using them with a LUMii or LUMii BLACK Ballast.

Silverstar Air-cooled Lumii Dimmable System Includes

1x SilverStar Air Cooled Reflector

1x Lumii Black 600w HID Lamp

1x Lumii Black Digital Dimmable Ballast 

 Note: An extraction kit is required for the Goldstar Air-Cooled Dimmable System and is sold separately.

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5" Air-cooled 600w Dimmable System
6" Air-cooled 600w Dimmable System