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SMSCOM 6.5amp SMART Fan Speed Controller MK2

The SMSCOM 6.5amp SMART Single Fan Speed Controller MK2 is an effective way to regulate the speed of one fan. Simply plug your intake or extraction fan into the socket and you can control its speed by turning the knob. This allows you to have more control on air movement and temperature within your tent or room.

This Smart Fan is ideal for temperature changes caused by dramatic drops or raising of temperature caused by seasonal changes. A higher rate of extraction during summer months is generally good as it will reduce the temperature and humidity in the grow-space. However, during winter months, a fan running at full speed may reduce your grow-space temperature too much. The SMSCom fan speed controller allows you to reduce the fan speed, allowing your grow-space to remain at a good temperature while simultaneously reducing fan and duct noise.

These SMSCOM Fan Speed controllers are easy to use, Plug the fan speed controller into a mains socket and then plug your extractor fan into the socket on the front. When the mains socket is switched on, your fan will begin to run. Use the control on the front of the SMSCom fan speed controller to increase or decrease the fan speed as required.

A good tip to remeber is the fan speed always needs to be high enough to remove adequate amounts of stale air from your grow space, even when the room is cold. If the fan speed is too low, there may not be enough fresh air exchange to replenish CO2 for optimal plant growth. Also, having your fan speed too low may not keep the humidity down enough for good plant growth and to reduce the chances of mould or rot during flowering. CO2 Supples are also available for purchase (click here). In addition you may need Humidity help follow link for more products (click here)

These controllers should not be used alongside fans which have in-built speed controllers.

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