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BioBizz All Mix Soil

BioBizz All Mix is an organic blend of soil containing 20% Sphagnum Peat Moss, 35% compost (Garden Peat), 10% worm castings, 30% perlite and 5% 'pre-mix'.
From £7.95

BioBizz Light Mix Soil

Containing minimal amounts of feed, BioBizz Light Mix aids fast and healthy root development.
From £7.95

Canna Bio Terra Plus

Canna Bio Terra is a 100% Organic top quality pre-fertilised natural growing medium
From £13.95

Canna Terra Professional Plus Soil

As the name suggests, Terra Professional soil is the premium choice for your plants.
From £16.95

Canna Terra Professional Soil

As the name suggests, Terra Professional soil is the premium choice for your plants.
From £14.95

Canna Terra Seed Mix

Canna Terra Seed Mix is suited for the early stage of plant growth, use seed mix at the potting stage to help plants germinate.
From £9.95

DNA Genetics Ultimate Soil with Cork

DNA and Mills Amsterdam have joined forces to create the ultimate range of 100% natural growing medium suitable for hydroponic use.
From £16.95

Guanokalong Complete Soil Mix 45L

Guanokalong Complete soil Mix benefits from the added rich quality Guano powder many growers find a necessity for their feed range. Guanokalong soil is mixed with fine elements such as seaweed powder, Palm tree ashes, cottonseed powder, fish powder and trace elements. All of these products mixed together with a finely tuned blend of perlite, worm castings, baltic white peat and black peat make for a full bodied organic unique soil.
From £16.95

Plant Magic Soil Supreme 50L

Plant Magic Soil Supreme is a unique blend of Sphagnum peat, Fytocell foam and plant magics own organic growth stimulant.
From £12.95

BioBizz Worm Castings 40L

Containing 100% organic worm castings, BioBizz Worm Humus is excellent for adding to All Mix or other soils.
From £19.95

House & Garden Bat Mix Special 50L

House & Garden's premium Bat Special is an extremely high quality soil.
From £11.95


Many soils available on the market today benefit from being high quality and blended with a great mixture of substrates which allow for brilliant growth and flowering.

Soil is ideal to use for potting and producing your own plants, vegetables etc. We supply the best brands of soil such as Bio-Bizz, Canna and house and garden. These soils are offered in organic and non organic ranges.