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TA Flash Clean (aka FloraKleen) 1L

TA Flash Clean is a great product for many growers from rejuvenating houseplants to maximising yields and potential in commercial hydroponics- FlashClean is one of the most powerful tools available to gardeners!

TA Flash Clean is necessary for many growers as eventually, every growing system will develop fertilizer residue as a natural part of the growing process. This accumulation results in salt build-up that can block drippers, cause unsightly accumulations on the top of soil or substrate, and will eventually cause your plants undue stress and even root damage. With the highly concentrated nutrients available today, and high EC levels running in many systems, nutrient lockout can also be an invisible limit on your grow; FlashClean solves all these problems and more.

Flash Clean is specifically developed to dissolve mineral salts,FlashClean releases nutrient bonds between minerals and substrate and allows you to rinse excess residue. This release also helps plants make the most of remaining fertilizers, especially in the crucial week just before harvest.

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TA Flash Clean (aka FloraKleen) 1L
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