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Terpinator is a unique formula which can be used during the vegetative and flowering stages of growth. Terpinator increases the concentration of Terpenoids in aromatic plant oils and glands.

Terpinator activates compounds within certain plants where plant oils have terpenoids. These compounds contain very complex odour molecules- Terpenoids are molecular compounds that consist of repeating units of a 5-carbon structure called isoprene. Many plants incorporate aromatic compounds that produce a plethora of odours that have been long thought to affect our physiology through odour activation.

Two of these odour molecules are limonene and mycrene. These occur in a wide variety of oil producing plants, and can be described to smell like lemons and grapefruit. Terpinator also targets plants normal metabolism that will protect, and prolong fragrances of your plants dried fruit and flowers.

When using Terpinator you will see, smell and taste the difference!

Directions for use:-

During Vegetative Stage: 5-10ml per gallon

During Flowering Stage: 10-30ml per gallon

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