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UGro XL Compressed Coco Brick 70L

UGro XL Compressed Coco Brick is a 5 kg block of pressed and dehydrated cocopeat with a low percentage of fibres. UGRO Coco when wet makes the same quality if not better coco than you would find in large ready to use bag. The benefit of UGRO Compressed coco is its big size XL bag is a money-saving solution. The compressed brick is ready in a small easy to carry bag once mixed with 18 litres of water it yields up to 70 litres of high quality cocopeat. The cocopeat is washed with soft water, buffered and conserves natural trichodermas.

Ugro Cocopeat is suitable for all types of gardening including hydroponic, outdoor and indoor gardening. Perfect for short-term and long-term seasonal crops.

UGRO COCO Specifications:


-EC (1:1,5)- <0,6 mS/cm

-Water holding capacity-910%

-Volume-70 L = 18.5 gal

-Net Weight- 5Kg

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UGro XL Compressed Coco Brick 70L
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