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24hr Grasslin Timer

The Grasslin timer allows you to set lights or pumps to come on/off for 15 minute intervals, over a 24 hour period.
From £11.95

4 Metre Power Lead (fitted 13 amp plug)

This power lead can is suitable for connecting to RVK fans or to extend the length of ballast leads.
From £4.95

Active Eye Illuminated Magnifier Loupe

Active Eye Illuminated Magnifier Loupe is a compact magnifier with light
From £5.95

Active Eye Microscope

Active Eye Microscope simple accessory to examine your plants up close
From £19.95

Adjust-a-Wing Super Spreader

The Super Spreader is a heat shield and light spreader designed for use with Adjust-a-wing reflectors.
From £9.95

Bamboo Canes 120cm (25 Pack)

Bamboo Canes are used to help support your plants upright.
From £5.95

Bamboo Canes 150cm (25 Pack)

Bamboo Canes are used to help support your plants upright.
From £6.95

Black Bags

High Quality, large,strong,cost effective Black Bags.
From £29.95

Bluelab Combo Meter

Bluelab Combo PH Meter is a portable PH Meter and Conductivity and temperature meter all in one handheld device.
From £179.95

Bluelab Nutrient (cF/EC) Truncheon

Bluelab cF/EC Truncheons are used to measure the levels of nutrients in your nutrient tank.
From £79.95

Bluelab PH Pen

Bluelab PH pen reads the temperature and PH level. This fully waterproof meter is a handheld device
From £74.95

Bonsai Shears

Bonsai Shears are stainless steal scissors suitable for cutting and trimming flowers and plants.
From £9.95


In this section you will find all equipment associated with measuring, testing, storage, adhesive and more. We have different accessories for measuring out your liquids such as pipettes, syringes and measuring jugs-all of which are available in a number of different sizes.

In addition we have different PH, temperature and humidity meters which you will also need to ensure you are regulating your solutions and growing areas properly.