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1000w Maxibright DigiLight Pro Select Ballast

With 6 power modes, the 1000w DigiLight Pro Select Ballast gives you ultimate control over the output of your HPS and Metal Halide lamps.
From £199.95

Active Eye Digital Light Meter

Active Eye Digital Light reader gives an accurate light reading in a digital format
From £44.95

LightRail 4.0 -Linear Light Mover

LightRail 4.0 AdjustaDrive is great for customers who want that additional control. This lightrail can be set with both a 0 to 60 second adjustable time delay for promoting even indoor plant growth within your grow tent/room, plus the added feature of two to four feet per minute (.6m – 1.2m) adjustable speed control that covers a wide range of grow lamp intensities and travel distances.
£249.95 From £199.95

Lumii Black Digital Dimmable Lighting Kit

The Lumii Black range is a lighting system which comprises of the essential items to set-up a lighting suitable for growing.
£89.95 From £69.95

Maxibright T5 Propagation Lights (2-tube, 4-tube,8-tube)

T5 propagation lights are both energy efficient and long-lasting.
From £59.95

Metal Halide Lamp

Metal Halide lamps are primarily designed for vegetative growth.
From £24.95

Omega Black Digital Dimmable Lighting Kit

The Omega Black range is a lighting system which comprises of the essential items to set-up a lighting suitable for growing.
From £79.95

Osram Son-T Lamp

These standard sodium lamps are ideal when developing flowering plants as they replicate the red hue of the sun.
From £22.95

Secret Jardin Daisy DY60

The secret Jardin Daisy is a parabolic reflector cleverly designed with a 60cm wing span. This umbrella type reflector is the first of its kind and 40% more light efficient compared to standard reflectors.
From £39.95

Secret Jardin LED Light 42w Red

The Secret Jardin LED 42w Red light is a great alternative to High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lighting. The 42W LED lighting can be used on its on as Fruiting/ Flowering lighting or as supplimentary lighting to your existing set-ups. LED's are widely used as they have very low running costs, reducing your electricity expenses without reducing speed and quality of growth. LED grow lights emit minimal heat which is ideal to help regulate temperatures in grow rooms.
From £79.95

Silverstar 6" Air Cooled Reflector

The Silverstar air-cooled reflector is made of high quality Aluminium which provides perfect light distribution.
From £97.95

16 Way Commercial Contactor and Timer (600w)

This commercial contactor and timer allows you to control multiple banks of HID lights.
From £649.95