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BioBizz Nutrients (Bio Grow & Bio Bloom)

BioBizz Grow & Bloom are single-part organic nutrients developed for use with soil.
From £9.95

Buddhas Tree PK 9-18

Buddhas Tree is currently the only PK 9-18 soluble solution available on the market.
From £24.95

Canna PK13/14

PK 13/14 is a top quality booster from Canna that will guarantee excellent results.
From £4.95

CX Mighty Growth Enhancer

Canadian Express Mighty Growth Enhancer promotes excellent growth. Mighty Growth Enhancer concentrates on increasing chlorophyll levels.
From £14.95

House & Garden Coco Nutrients

House & Garden's Coco nutrient is a two-part feed suitable for use in both vegetative and flowering stages of a plant's life.
From £14.95

House & Garden Roots Excelurator Gold

Roots Excelurator contains a powerful root stimulator which encourages rapid root growth.
From £37.95

Plagron Green Sensation

Specially developed for the last 4-6 weeks of flowering, Green Sensation is a strong booster which will increase both your yield and the flavour of fruits.
From £44.95

Plant Magic Soil Plus

Plant Magic has designed a Grow and Bloom formula specifically for soil.
From £11.95

Sensi (Advanced Nutrients)

Sensi Grow and Bloom are the hydroponic base nutrients from Advanced Nutrients.
From £24.95

Atami ATA Clean Irrigation Additive 1L

ATA Clean is an additive that helps to keep your irrigation system clean and prevents any blockages.
From £19.95

Atami Bloombastic

Bloombastic is an extremely strong PK (with an NPK of 0-20-21) which is suitable for use in the final weeks of flowering.
From £14.95

Big Bud (Advanced Nutrients)

Advanced Nutrient's Big Bud is essentially a mild, early PK with added amino acids.
From £10.95