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Cannacure is a spray-on formula which helps to defend your plants against pests and mildew by creating a protective layer on leaves and stems.
From £11.95

CX Powdery Mildew Treatment

Powdery Mildew Treatment (or PMT) can be used as a preventative measure or as a treatment for Powdery Mildew.
From £19.95

CX Tanlin Drops (Gnat Treatment)

Tanlin concentrated drops can help save your plant from the destructive effects of Fungus Gnats (also known as Sciarid Fly).
From £18.95

CX Wilt Guard

Canadian Xpress Wilt Guard is a great product to use as a Pythium preventative and potassium deficiency remedy.
From £17.95

Fortefog P Fumer Midi 11g

Like a smoke bomb, these small tubs release a deadly cloud of smoke which will kill pretty much all types of insects and pests.
From £9.95

Hesi Super Vit

Hesi Super Vit is an exceptional blend of 15 Vitamins and 10 Amino acids.
From £7.95

Microbial 1L

Mircobial is a beneficial product which will aid your plant in the defence against pests and diseases
From £24.95

CX Regen-a-root

Canadian Xpress Regen-a-root helps protect your roots from damage, corrects poor root growth, prevents root disease and keeps roots healthy.
From £14.95

Dutch Pro Keep It Clean

Dutch pro keep it clean is a plant friendly cleaning fluid which creates and maintains the optimal working conditions for your drip system.
From £22.95

Dutch Pro Leaf Green

Dutch Pro Leaf Green is a foliar spray used to enhance leaf development and nutrient uptake. Leaf green acts as a saviour to yellowing plants which may have deficiencies.
From £8.95

Guard 'n' Aid DiatoShield 6kg

Guard 'n' Aid DiatoShield is granulated calcined diatomaceous earth (1-3mm). Can be used on lawns as a soil improver and pest prevention.
From £6.95

Guard 'n' Aid for Thrip

Guard 'n' Aid for Thrip is an effective Thrip treatment.
From £34.95