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Bluelab Combo Meter

Bluelab Combo PH Meter is a portable PH Meter and Conductivity and temperature meter all in one handheld device.
From £179.95

Combi Ducting

Combi Ducting is a polyester and aluminium laminated ducting
From £8.95

Exhale Homegrown CO2 Bag

Exhale Homegrown CO2 bags offer a simple and effective way of introducing CO2 into your grow room.
From £34.95

Iso Max Acoustic Fans

These Air Force II Acoustic Fans are the ultimate choice for growers who want a more silent intake or extraction.
From £269.95

Mountain Air Carbon Filter

Mountain Air Filters are quality Carbon Filters. Incorporating a Carbon Filter in your growing space is essential to successfully remove unwanted smells and bad odour. Air Filters are relied upon to completely control odour and Mountain Air Filters use the best quality Carbon and complex interior designs to ensure guaranteed performance.
From £74.95

Ona Air Filter

ONA Air Filters allow for the complete and continuous air filtration of your indoor gardens air exhaust. Just attach to your ventilation system, insert the desired number of ONA blocks, and any unwanted odours will be removed from your ducting, quickly effectively and permanently
From £14.95

Rhino Thermostatically controlled RVK Fan

Rhino Thermostatically controlled RVK Fan has a built in automatic controller, just set the temperature on the fan and it will maintain the temperature.
From £99.95

4 Metre Power Lead (fitted 13 amp plug)

This power lead can is suitable for connecting to RVK fans or to extend the length of ballast leads.
From £4.95

Acoustic Ducting

Acoustic Ducting comprises of two layers of aluminium ducting separated by an insulating foam.
From £16.95

Aluminium Flexi Fan Ducting

Available in 5m or 10m lengths, this aluminium ducting allows you to intake / extract air into or from your grow room.
From £8.95

Bubblegum Blast

This powerful bubblegum scented aerosol spray will quickly and effectively eliminate any odours that can linger outside your grow room.
From £9.95