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Iso Max Acoustic Fans

These Air Force II Acoustic Fans are the ultimate choice for growers who want a more silent intake or extraction.
From £249.95

Acoustic Ducting

Acoustic Ducting comprises of two layers of aluminium ducting separated by an insulating foam.
From £16.95

Aluminium Flexi Fan Ducting

Available in 5m or 10m lengths, this aluminium ducting allows you to intake / extract air into or from your grow room.
From £8.95

Ducting Reducers

Ducting reducers allow you reduce or increase the size of duct vents.
From £8.45

Ducting Y Piece

Ducting Y Pieces split sections of ducting into two, allowing you (for example) to use a single fan as the extraction for two rooms.
From £13.50

Rhino Carbon Filters

Rhino filters use the best quality Australian carbon.
From £5.95

RVK Fans

The RVK is both a powerful and long-lasting extraction and intake fan.
From £64.95